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Kids' Stuff Childcare, Preschool, & Kindergarten in Lutz, FL 

  1. good manners emphasis

Play is the highest form of research.

Albert Einstein  

  1. Providing a quality start to your child’s care and education is​

  1. incredibly important. We invite you to contact us and set up a time to tour our facility during regular school hours, or to request any further information.

collaborative ENVIRONMENT

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HEalthy Choices

  1. OUR  WARM and OPEN ENVIRONMENT allows STUDENTS to FEEL SAFE ENOUGH TO ASK QUESTIONS, EXPLORE, AND SEEK ANSWERS. WE encourage EVERY STUDENT TO make healthy and respectful choices to HELP THEM navigate and succeed in THESE GROWING YEARS.

positive goal setting


  1. We believe that PLAY is the WORK of children; our environment is rich in play opportunity.  Kids’ Stuff provides a variety of opportunities such as hands-on activities, field trips, creative movement, and aesthetic experiences. Emphasis is on the process of learning and not the product.​

Upcoming Events:
Pumpkin Hunt- October 23rd
​Halloween Parade- October 30th

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 Kids' Stuff Childcare, Preschool & Kindergarten
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