*   after school only

** Pasco County School Bus Scheduled

Partnered Schools   & Transportaion Services
An After School Coordinator supervises a team of qualified staff members who have an excellent understanding of school-age children. Independent, quiet work areas are provided, as well as  after school recreation and art and is offered to all students. 

Homework participation is encouraged and support is offered daily.        

Mark Pinner Karate Enrichment program is offered on Thursday afternoons for all school age children, as well as Happy Feet, a competitive soccer program on Friday afternoons.  These programs are additional registrations.

Kids’ Stuff encourages all students to participate in afternoon team sports and games outdoors. Friday is a  designated day when gaming electronics are allowed,  however, this time must be earned.   Kids’ Stuff can not be held responsible for any damaged or missing items.

All items must be labeled with your child's name, and each child must accept accountability for their items.

Many exciting and age-appropriate field trips and activities are scheduled to meet the needs of the "Schoolers" on Childcare days (considered days Pasco County schools are not in session). 

Before/After Care


  1. Kids’ Stuff offers a quality Before & After School Experience for students enrolled in our private kindergarten, as well as those students attending our community public, Private, charter & magnet schools, grades Kindergarten through fifth grade.  This includes kids' stuff bus transportation for  students,  with the exception of LAKE MYRTLE and sanders, for which Pasco county School District provides bus service.